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Odell, IL

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Hello Mike....

I have been meaning to send you a note to tell you how happy I am with Pete. He was by far the easiest to train dog I have worked with so far. I started hunting him last year at 5 months old and he was just a natural. By 7 months old he was holding point rock solid even if the bird was moving around. I know when I had talked to you for the first time you were very confident that your dogs are outstanding in the field and also as a family member. I would gladly talk to anyone of your soon to be customers if they need some re-insurance that your kennel has outstanding dogs. I have attached a few pictures for you. One of him on a rock solid point at 8 months old at Des Plaines conservation area.

Thanks again,





It is hard to believe Onyx turns 1 year old today. I wanted to take a moment and thank you. We have been very pleased with his demeanor and instinctive hunting skills. Onyx stays out most of the time and is very well behaved in our home.

You did a very nice job of training him. I was watching Bird Dog Circuit and the comment was made about German Shorthair Pointers not being good retrieving dogs without being forced to retrieve. This is not the case with Onyx. He will play ‘Fetch it up’ and ‘Bring it here’ all day long. I attribute this to your work with him at such a young age.

As you may recall, we paid for additional training. When we were discussing this, you had a list of items you normally worked on. In conjunction with your list, I asked to ensure he was accustomed to gun fire and I didn’t want to be embarrassed when I was out hunting with others who had experienced dogs. You exceeded my expectations. He went hunting 11 times last year. Onyx did very well the first time out and continually improved each time. He is a close hunter, works the field back and forth, and retrieves, even a 50+ yard retrieve on one hunt. Impressive for a pup that was only 5 months old.

My wife and I are very pleased and I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I have thanked God many times for my wife finding you on the internet. In addition, we appreciated you letting us come and visit him on a weekly basis and for the DVD of Onyx. He is a family dog, but has a very close bond with my wife. It is great. Please feel free to use my wife and I as a reference. We absolutely love Onyx and he has been perfect, serving as a family pet and all business when it comes to hunting. I can’t wait to get him this fall.



Ben & Lisa


Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know that Easton is doing well. He is a little over 6 months old now and we are very pleased with him. His temperament is great, in fact a lot less hyper than I anticipated. He is a big fan of ice cubes, deer horns, and being a lap dog. He is weighing in at 43 pounds already, so I think he'll be a pretty good sized dog. We have a few things to work on, but listens pretty well. Shed hunting is still a goal of ours, which means we'll likely start training soon.
I have attached 3 of our favorite pictures of him.
Gaven & Tracy


Hi Mike

Jazzy has been with me for one year today and I couldn't be happier with the dog she's become. She is full of personality, yet enjoys her down time and is the least hyper of the last 4 Shorthairs I've owned.

As we both know, Shorthairs are not big bad guard dogs. But the other day a repair guy came to fix my awning and Jazzy was having NONE of it. I took this video clip because it is the only time I've EVER seen her hair stand on end. She definitely protects me, but is a real sweetheart with kids, family and friends.

Hope all is well by you. I continue to tell people that a Mabe shorthair is the only dog I'll own.

Take care,



Gibson's reaction to first firefly.

Hi Mike.

This T and Queeny's pup 1-7-12. Pastor Bill here. Last night Gibson saw his first lightning bug. 5 times a day with obedience and hunting. High praise. Beautiful gun loving pup good companion. Soon I'll b contacting u about a pheasant to fetch. 

Bella gets the point.


Just wanted to let you know how Bodie is doing. We are very pleased with him and he is a fast learner. So far Bodie is the smartest and calmest shorthair that I have ever had. At 19 weeks he is house trained and I have a shock collar but haven't had to use it. He loves working with the wing and I can't wait to see how he does this fall. I'll include a pic of him.


Steve Cole
Hi Mike,

Just wanted to thank you for your suggestions about how to put a little weight on Jazzy. I followed your directions and gradually increased her food by a little bit everyday. We were at the vet yesterday and her weight was 33.5 pounds, an increase of 2.5 pounds. She has filled out nicely and both the vet and I are pleased with the way she looks. She is petite but well-rounded.

She is a very good girl with me, but you should see her turn on the charm when she is around a man. She is the biggest flirt ever! I had a family friend over the other night and she was literally sprawled across his lap and licking his ears looking for all kinds of attention. She turns into a complete hussy, lol. It's almost embarrassing the way she carries on.

I'm still trying to capture a good video of her watching you on the computer. She watches and literally cries when she hears your voice. It's no mystery to me why she loves men so much!

Up until a few weeks ago Jazzy never barked. But she recently has found her voice and seems to love playing guard dog. Her bark is definitely worse than her bite! All in all I couldn't be happier with her. Thanks for always being available to answer my questions.

Take care,


Hi Mike,


I just thought you would like to know we really love our Elle. She is getting comfortable around us and our other dog. Elle is still pointing and is great on the leash for all of us.She will come when I call, no problems.




We just wanted to express our thanks for bringing Mabe’s Sir Bentley B (formerly Magic Male #2) into our lives. He is an extremely intelligent and well behaved.  He is great addition to the family.  He loves roaming the yard, is well behaved inside, and great with the kids. We’ve received nothing but compliments on how beautiful  and well behaved he is. We’ve included a few recent photos.


 Pete and Hollie




Just wanted to let you know how Bodie is doing. We are very pleased with him and he is a fast learner. So far Bodie is the smartest and calmest shorthair that I have ever had. At 19 weeks he is house trained and I have a shock collar but haven't had to use it. He loves working with the wing and I can't wait to see how he does this fall. I'll include a pic of him.




Dear Mike:
Been working quite a bit with Luke. Thought I'd send an update. What a great dog! I plan to go through the local AKC hunting trials in March in Potomac MD. Going to try a pheasant hunt end of March. Once he locks onto a bird he doesn't move until I tell him it's okay. He's retrieving well also.
Thanks again for everything.
I thought you might like to see some photos of Ori from his first season. He has done exceptionally well. I harvested some 50 pheasant, a dozen quail and chukar so far this season. He is hunting exceptionally well, pointing and holds very well, and is retrieving.

I'd describe this first season as exceptional.

One of the vides is of him barking - he just discovered his voice a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Mike,


Just wanted to give you an update on 'Stella'.

She is doing great and is the joy of my life. I am constantly getting asked about her whether it be people on the trail just commenting on how beautiful she is, or if it is hunting guys asking questions about her breeding whether or not I hunt her etc.

At 12 Weeks, (the week following Christmas) I took her to a trainer for 2 weeks to get her used to the guns etc, and have him put her on some birds. He was incredibly impressed with her beauty and personality. When I came to pick her up he told me how impressed he was with her and said she was one of the best young pups he'd had come in for training for a while. not only did she pick up on everything immediately but he also said she was perfect with pointing the birds and not moving a muscle!

He reinforced this when he ran into my brother a few weeks ago at the sporting club saying he had even looked up your kennel and was considering purchasing a female himself from you for his own breeding program!

Stella is a joy to have around the house, was easy to house train and is continuing to improve on her obedience training every day. I frequently take her on the trails in Boulder and she always comes when called and loves running around. She is simply the best dog I have ever had and could not be happier to have her! I will surely be back when I am ready for a second GSP! Thanks again!! I attached some pictures, and will send some hunting videos when I get a chance!!


Leigh Romano



Hi Mike,
I 've been meaning to write you for a long time in order to thank you and recommend other people GSPs and especially your kennel. We got our  male GSP in August and we couldn't be more happy with our choice. His name is Mishu and now is almost 8 months old and a little bit over 50 lbs. We got many compliments ranging from "that's a beautiful dog" to " that's how a dog should look like." But it's not only about the looks. He is a great dog with a happy-go-lucky personality. We never had any issues with him. He's friendly with other dogs and humans alike, curious and picks up on discipline very quickly.  We are not using him for hunting, he's just a city and family dog and as long you take him out he's happy. We live in Chicago and we are lucky to have a big park near our house and he's always off leash, always comes when called. I must say that it's a dog that needs discipline and boundaries in order to get the best of him. We had babies and small kids around him and he's doing fine. We are confident that he's going to be a great big brother when his sibling arrives this summer!
Thank you again for such a great dog!
Giorgiana & Lucian






            Toffee will be 5 in 2010. she still is about the fastest dog at our dog park.

She does rule our little Visla. Someday I will convince my wife to get a 3rd dog.

                                       Paul and Lisa                                                                    

Hey Mike,
    Just wanted to send you a video of sassy in action.  She is a little over 5 month's and doing great in the field and in agility. Last week we went to Kankakee State Park got a bird, she did great!. On the home front she awesome no problems on walks or in the house. Ill send you more video's as she progresses. 














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