Mabe's Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds


Little Joe XIII, Mallory's Maggie Elizabeth, Harold's Runt Saddlebrooks Tilly Rice VE, D and D's Rawhides Joker, Sleepyfox's Blitzing Dixie, Ponder's Zachary Zach, Flashover, Ventanas Kalif Vom Erick, Shasta Von Saddlebrook JH, NFC FC Rawhides Clown [HALL OF FAME] Greif's Nobell One, Beier's Blitizing Evolution, Terry's Whistlin Dixie, Brown L's Spike, Beiers Rawhide Dixie Dutch, Dixielands Max, Sodini's Sadie Mae, CH Monarch's Erick Vom Enzstrand, CH Monarch's Minnesinger Greta CD, Duke Vom Muller II, Star Lady II, FC Jigs White Smoke [HALL OF FAME] , FC Rawhides Jossie Wells, DC Apocalypes V Greif, Grief's Scarlet Fever, FC AFC Teton's Erik V Shilo, Neika Jager Von Shilo, Keirsey Farms Rebel, KF Samantha,