Mabe Kennels

Mabe's Good golly Miss Molly



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Molly's Bloodline line includes FC Schonebeck's Prospect, FC High Plain's Prospect, FC AFC Moesgaard's Jigs, FC AFC Ms Mac The Knife, FC Jigs White Smoke [HALL OF FAME] , Rugerheims Autumn Wynd MH, DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon, FC Tip Top Savage Sam[HALL OF FAME] , FC AFC Sieg Heil, FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief, FC Heide Ho Pinehurst [HALL OF FAME], FC Kj's Hightailing Saddle, FC Direct's Fine Line, FC AFC Joyce's Hightailing Krystle, FC Checkmate's Dude's Big Foot[HALL OF FAME] , FC Pickens Natural High, Rawhides Blazin Annie V Jake, Rugerheim's Justa Jigger, Checkmate's Daylight Katie, Checkmate's Misty Blue, Tip Top Blue Jewel, Tip Top Sparky's Buckeye, Tip Top Crossfire, Tip Top Savage Pride, Tip Top Empire Sadie. Casey Duke Remington, Schotize Gremlin Magoo, Country Creek's Remington JH, Gretchen Marie V, Colonial Julius Von Cesar, Karmel Air Jordan, H Flintlox Sharp Shooter, Sure Shot's A Touch Of Class Cooper's Rusty JH, Misty Kay Van Koko Jo JH, Zaharey Von Hagg's HustlerSH, Pepper Von Sudstrand, Rascal Der Hund Gig Jake, Peaches Magoo, Zach's Dixie Dude, Zach's LAdy, WykesTwin Oaks Ruger-W, T Diamond Brody, FC Dixieland's Rusty,[HALL OF FAME] Bosslady P J Gypsy, Zach's Annie Oakley, JG's Ludwig Von Duesenburg, Leighton's Ace Mona, Unibars Peter Gunnho, Bosslady Dee Direct, Zach's Timmy