Mabe Kennels

Rosie Male 2


 Owner: Jamie & Ann

Location: Oswego, IL

Training: Started Dog Training


Rosie's Bloodline includes:   FC BDK's Tobadforu, Delta III, FC Strike's Flash Of Gold, BDK's Fire N The Hole, FC NAFC Gus's Roust About, MAxwells Lil Bit Sassy JH, FC BMK's Strike the Gold, FC AFC Dixieland Smokin Magnum, FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief, Carson's Dollie Of Windsor, FC AFC Ane Und Evolutions Sparkler, Double B's Miss Annie, HMK's Brown-L's Bullet, HMK's Sweet as Dixie Sugar, NFC FC Sanjo Sincity Slicker,[HALL OF FAME] FC Heide Ho-Pinehurst [HALL OF FAME] (All time field producing Dam), FC Dixieland's Rusty,[HALL OF FAME] FC AFC Sieg Heil, FC AFC Erbes White Gunsmoker, Blue Max Sally Vonhoffman NAFC FC AFC Beier's Evolution[HALL OF FAME] , FC Aes Prima Banane, FC AFC Pistol Pete V Verriga MH, Double B's Doll B, FC AFC Brown Ls Spot, Angel Moontige, FC HMK's Dandi Runway Rusty, MRK's Saphire Angel. FC Tetons Ace Von Shilo,  Skeeter's Burno Von Verrige MH, FC PJ Stryker IB, FC Tip Top Trixie, FC Brown L's Jet, FC Jigs Bushwacker Babe, FC Craigs Moontige, FC Brown L's Ruby, FC Dixieland's Rusty (All time field producing Sire) [HALL OF FAME], DC Wil-lyn's Sparkling Nugget, DC Ehrlicer Abe, FC Shilo V Hessenwald [HALL OF FAME], AFC Spot's Shotgun Sierra Tess, FC Ammertal's Ace High, NAFC FC AFC PJ Wildfire [HALL OF FAME], FC Freedoms New Dawn, FC Tip Top Savage Sam [HALL OF FAME], FC Brown-L [HALL OF FAME], DC AFC Kerlacres Tell's Moonbeam, FC AFC Moesgaard's Jig's [HALL OF FAME], FC AFC Brown-LS Spot, DC Erick Vom Enzstrand, CH Clsambras Gold Mein. SHILL REST'S IMPRESSIVE CDX. MH.[HALL OF FAME] ,PHARAOH OF JAEGERSBORG HEGN CD., CH.CROSSING CREEK'S HOMESTEADER CD.[HALL OF FAME] , CH.WILDBURG'S SALT -N- PEPPER CD., FCH.&AFCH.HIDDEN HOLLOW ROWDY V RO, CH.DEITZ V D WILDBURG, CH.KITLEHERSCH KELLY'S REVIVAL, FCH.&AFCH.HIDDEN HOLLOW'S RONLORD RULER.[HALL OF FAME] , DCH. DEE TEE'S BARON V GRIEF, CH.CROSSING CREEK'S KATE, CH.CROSSIN CREEK'S YANKEE DOODLE, DCH. KAY V D WILDBURG.[HALL OF FAME] , DCH. FREI OF KLARBRUK - UDT.[HALL OF FAME], CH. KELLY'S BABY, FCH. CHECKMATE'S DANDY DUDE,.[HALL OF FAME] FCH. PILAR OF HIDDEN HOLLOW, FLD / AMTR. FCH. BURR OAK'S BIG JAKE, FCH. MOESGAARD'S DEE DEE'S JACKSON, FCH.BIG OAK BUMPER,.[HALL OF FAME] FCH.DIXIELAND'S RUSTY,.[HALL OF FAME] FLD / AMTR.FCH. WILLOWAY DEEJAY'S JESSIE, FCH. MOESGAARD'S DANDY'S JAC, FCH.MOESGAARD'S MADCHEN RUFFY, FCH.FIELDACRE'S CINDYLU OF BARCAR, FCH. TIP TOP TIMBER, FCH. MOESGAARD'S ANGEL'S DEE JAY,.[HALL OF FAME] FCH. MOESGAARD'S RUFFY, FCH. WINDY HILL'S TOBY, FCH. BROWN - L.[HALL OF FAME] , DCH. KERLACRE'S TELL'S MOON BEAM, FCH. MOESGAARD'S ACE, FLD. / AMTR. FCH. MOESGAARD'S DEEJAY'S EL PEPPER BELL  Tea's Bloodline includes: FC Schonebeck's Prospect, FC High Plain's Prospect, FC AFC Moesgaard's Jigs, FC AFC Ms Mac The Knife, FC Jigs White Smoke[HALL OF FAME] , Rugerheims Autumn Wynd MH, DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon, FC Tip Top Savage Sam[HALL OF FAME] , FC AFC Sieg Heil, FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief, FC Heide Ho pinehurst [HALL OF FAME] , FC Kj's Hightailing Saddle, FC Direct's Fine Line, FC AFC Joyce's Hightailing Krystle, FC Checkmate's Dude's Big Foot[HALL OF FAME] , FC Pickens Natural High, Rawhides Blazin Annie V Jake, Rugerheim's Justa Jigger, Checkmate's Daylight Katie, Checkmate's Misty Blue, Tip Top Blue Jewel, Tip Top Sparky's Buckeye, Tip Top Crossfire, Tip Top Savage Pride, Tip Top Empire Sadie. 

Geddy's pedigree includes:  Southfield Amazing Grace, Rockin G's Uodibar Rusty, Lightening Libby MKM, Gunsmokes Clown, Pottorff's Rockin Rollin Maggie, Zack's Rebel Rouser, Specky White, Edgett's Doc Ebony, Pretty Sky, FC AFC Kojac's K-Man MH, K-Hawk's Rockim Robin JH, Beal's Casual Clyde, Hannah's Lil Miss Suzy Q., Fritz Von Digger, Okaws Magnum Princess, M & M's Southfield Spot, Ward's Amos Moses, Ward's Danzing Dolly, Cole's Von Baron, Cole's Cassidy Von River Belle, Findley's Rawhide Buzz, Filndley's Midnight Nikita, Elk View Spencer, Edge City Rita, Rivers Dubs Bubba Mckain, Lady Ruby Belle, Baiersden's Rawhide Buddy, Nellie of Baiersden, Gunner Blaze, Greg's Shelby.

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