Mabe Kennels


updated 09/06/10




Our dam's pedigree containsPC’s Lord of the wings SH, Wind River’s Shake,Rad, Roll MH,  TT Junker N Dub’s Bandy V Greif MH,  Lb Birdcatcher  Buddy JH,  Savages Rebel Yell MH,  Brandy’s Snoopygaard Speck JH,  Savages Hide n Seek JH,  Country Creeks Remington JHCh Flint lock Sharpshooter,  Sure Shot a touch of Class,  Cooper’s Rusty JH,  Missy Kay van KOKO JO JH,  Zackarey Von Haag’s Hustler SH,   FC Schonebeck's Prospect, FC High Plain's Prospect, FC AFC Moesgaard's Jigs, FC AFC Ms Mac The Knife, FC Jigs White Smoke[HALL OF FAME] , Rugerheims Autumn Wynd MH, DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon, FC Tip Top Savage Sam[HALL OF FAME] , FC AFC Sieg Heil, FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief, FC Heide Ho pinehurst (all time producing field Dam)[HALL OF FAME] , FC Kj's Hightailing Saddle, FC Direct's Fine Line, FC AFC Joyce's Hightailing Krystle, FC Checkmate's Dude's Big Foot[HALL OF FAME] , FC Pickens Natural High, Rawhides Blazin Annie V Jake, Rugerheim's Justa Jigger, Checkmate's Daylight Katie, Checkmate's Misty Blue, Tip Top Blue Jewel, Tip Top Sparky's Buckeye, Tip Top Crossfire, Tip Top Savage Pride, Tip Top Empire Sadie. DC. HILL HAVEN’S HUSTLER [HALL OF FAME] , HILL HAVEN’S MARK-V's MANDY, HILL HAVEN’S PROUD MARY, HILLHAVEN’S HANDSOME, A/C. CH. HILL HAVEN’S HEAD HONCHO, CH.LANDEN FIELD’S BELL OF MORAINE, CH.LADEN FIELD’S SCHATZ CH.ROBEN’S CREST LORIEN CORNICHE, BUSCHER’S MASTER HUNTER CD. SH..,.[LITTER MATE TO ]DC/AFC TREKK ER V GRUNBAUM  ,MH,MX/AXJ, UDX, TDX, VCD3,[HALL OF FAME] ,FREIGEIST BEKANNTE V LADEN CD. JH. CH. LADEN FIELD’S COCOA PEBBLES CD.,CH. ROBIN CREST ROLLS ROYCE, CH. KOOSKIA’S CHIEF TIMOTHY, CH. LADEN FIELD’S JAEGER CD.,CH. DINGES THE SURE SHOT RAIDER CD. JH., FRAU MUGGINS DER HUND JH., FC. DIXIELAND’S RUSTY,(all time producing field sire) ,[HALL OF FAME] FC.BROWN-L,,[HALL OF FAME]  DC.AFC. KERLACRES TELI’S MOONBEAM, FC.FIELDACRESLB’S DEK, FC.TELI,FC MOEGAARD’S ACE,FC, MOEGAARD’S RUFF’Y MINDY,FC. MOEGAARD’S RUFFY,FC.FIELDACRES LB, FC. FIELDACRES AMY, DC. NFC. MOESGAARD’S DANDY[HALL OF FAME] ,DANISH CH. HOLEVGAARDS C. KAJ, INTR. FC. MOESGAARD’S LB,[HALL OF FAME] , KATRINA VON DEE TEE,CD.  Our sire's pedigree Malcolm's Bloodline Includes: Savages rebel yell. MH,Bradys snoopygaard speck. JH. savages heid n seek.JH, country creek’s Remington JH CH Flintlox sharp shooter, cooper’s rusty, JH, missy ay van koko jo, JH, Zacharey von hagg’s hustler, SH . FC Rawhides Lucky Moon, Tikera’s North Dixie Clown IB, FC AFC Cunningham Roustabout Rowdy,, FC Lyons’ Ramblin Jute, FC Moesgaard Deejay’s Sin, FC AFC Stormcrow in Dixieland, NFC FC Rawhides Clown [HALL OF FAME] , FC AFC Happy Ridge Jessie of Cariblu, FC uodibar’s Koonas [HALL OF FAME] FC Sundance Gykpsy Lee [HALL OF FAME] FC Jigs White Smoke [HALL OF FAME] FC Rawhide’s Jossie Wells, FC Tip Top Savage Sam [HALL OF FAME] FC Burr Oaks Dora, FC AFC Moesgaard’s Gigs FC Smokey Ike’s Blaze FC Moeswinkle’s Dutches v Jake FC AFC Moesgaard’s Jigs, FC Craigs Moontige, FC AFC cunningham roust about Rowdy, FC checkmates’s white smoke[HALL OF FAME] , FC ammertal’s Calamity Jane, FC Moesgaard Deejay’s Vixien FC Baron von Blitzkrieg iv, FC AFC Cunningham’s Panzer d Dancer, FC Checkmate’s Dandy Dude [HALL OF FAME] FC Thalberg’s Seagraves Chayne, FC AFC Ammertals kitt v shinback [HALL OF FAME] , FC Hugo con Bergeskante, FC AFC Moesgaard deejay’s April 1, FC Vodibar’s Koonas, , FC AFC Wildfire, FC AFC Sport Bossman’s Busch,