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I wanted to make sure to send you a quick note about Gunner as we closed out the 2009/2010 pheasant season yesterday.  At 10 months old Gunner has been an amazingly quick learner with an incredible nose.  During this hunting season everything you had mentioned to me during our orientation about how your dogs work, etc took place.  Gunner is a very good close hunter and he works the whole line of hunters no matter how many there are. He's all puppy before the hunt with the other dogs but when the lead comes off, he's all business in the field and works well with other dogs but is extremely focused on the birds.  There were several times this season when dogs we were hunting with would pass up an area and Gunner would come up to that area and point a bird.  Just yesterday we worked a field rimmed with timber and as the other dogs kept to the grasses at the edge of the field Gunner went into the timber that had been passed over by the other dogs and pointed 4 birds. From the time he's been about 7 months old, he's found more birds than any dog that we've been on a hunt with. I can't wait to see how good he's going to be when he hits his prime.  

As a casual hunter I was satisfied getting a dog that would just be fun to watch work but he's much more and his drive and enthusiasm for hunting gets both of us lots of compliments.  People can't believe how good he is and how patient he is at holding a point at such a young age.  I've been busy and haven't had as much time as I'd like to do continuing training with him but hunting an average of every other weekend seems to be all he needs to stay sharp and he gets better and better every time out.  I'm really looking forward to many great years of hunting with Gunner and wanted to make sure you knew how satisfied we are with him as not only a hunter but as a companion for our older malamute and us.  Everything you said about how he'd work and react to different things, whether it be in the field or at home, you were 100% right about.     


Tom Vorel





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