Born 04/24/09 


Maeb is a Solid Liver Female out of Queeny and Malcolm. She is currently under our six week hunting/basic obedience training program. Her Bloodline includes  FC BDK's Tobadforu, Delta III, FC Strike's Flash Of Gold, BDK's Fire N The Hole, FC NAFC Gus's Roust About, MAxwells Lil Bit Sassy JH, FC BMK's Strike the Gold, FC AFC Dixieland Smokin Magnum, FC AFC Bluemax Spitfire V Grief, Carson's Dollie Of Windsor, FC AFC Ane Und Evolutions Sparkler, Double B's Miss Annie, HMK's Brown-L's Bullet, HMK's Sweet as Dixie Sugar, NFC FC Sanjo Sincity Slicker,[HALL OF FAME] FC Heide Ho-Pinehurst[HALL OF FAME] , FC Dixieland's Rusty,[HALL OF FAME] FC AFC Sieg Heil, FC AFC Erbes White Gunsmoker, Blue Max Sally Vonhoffman NAFC FC AFC Beier's Evolution[HALL OF FAME] , FC Aes Prima Banane, FC AFC Pistol Pete V Verriga MH, Double B's Doll B, FC AFC Brown Ls Spot, Angel Moontige, FC HMK's Dandi Runway Rusty, MRK's Saphire Angel.  Malcolm's Bloodline Includes: Savages rebel yell. MH,Bradys snoopygaard speck. JH. savages heid n seek.JH, country creek’s Remington JH CH Flintlox sharp shooter, cooper’s rusty, JH, missy ay van koko jo, JH, Zacharey von hagg’s hustler, SH . FC Rawhides Lucky Moon, Tikera’s North Dixie Clown IB, FC AFC Cunningham Roustabout Rowdy,, FC Lyons’ Ramblin Jute, FC Moesgaard Deejay’s Sin, FC AFC Stormcrow in Dixieland, NFC FC Rawhides Clown [HALL OF FAME] , FC AFC Happy Ridge Jessie of Cariblu, FC uodibar’s Koonas [HALL OF FAME] FC Sundance Gykpsy Lee [HALL OF FAME] FC Jigs White Smoke [HALL OF FAME] FC Rawhide’s Jossie Wells, FC Tip Top Savage Sam [HALL OF FAME] FC Burr Oaks Dora, FC AFC Moesgaard’s Gigs FC Smokey Ike’s Blaze FC Moeswinkle’s Dutches v Jake FC AFC Moesgaard’s Jigs, FC Craigs Moontige, FC AFC cunningham roust about Rowdy, FC checkmates’s white smoke[HALL OF FAME] , FC ammertal’s Calamity Jane, FC Moesgaard Deejay’s Vixien FC Baron von Blitzkrieg iv, FC AFC Cunningham’s Panzer d Dancer, FC Checkmate’s Dandy Dude [HALL OF FAME] FC Thalberg’s Seagraves Chayne, FC AFC Ammertals kitt v shinback [HALL OF FAME] , FC Hugo con Bergeskante, FC AFC Moesgaard deejay’s April 1, FC Vodibar’s Koonas, , FC AFC Wildfire, FC AFC Sport Bossman’s Busch.